April 17, 2003

在 Linux 使用 Wireless 上網

這一篇文件相當簡略, 算是拋磚引玉. 我目前用成功的 pcmcia
無線網路卡是: SENAO 的 long range wireless lan 卡, mode number 是
SL-2511CD PLUS, 在 redhat 8.0/9.0, mdk 9.1 上面都可以抓到.
不過我成功測試是在 mdk9.1 上成功上網...

下面是英文的參考資料, 目前只適合比較會調系統的朋友閱讀


設定 WEP passwd:

iwconfig eth1 key passwd


# iwconfig manipulate the basic wireless parameters
# iwlist (formerly part of iwspy) allow to list addresses, frequencies, bit-rates...
# iwspy allow to get per node link quality
# iwpriv allow to manipulate the Wireless Extensions specific to a driver (private)


If the card is a true Pcmcia or Cardbus card, you need to use the command "cardctl ident" display the card identification strings. Note that cardmgr will also write some identification strings in the message logs (/var/log/daemon.log) that may be different from the real card identification strings.

17 Apr 2003

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