June 20, 2004


Description: Debian auto-installation system
This package contains the core components of the auto-installation system.
This system makes it possible to install a complete Debian system with no
user interaction from a set of configuration files.
It currently supports flexible constraints for partitioning
differently-sized disks in a logical fashion, hardware auto-configuration
with discover (including configuration of X, if appropriate), network
configuration via DHCP or a database based on MAC addresses, and
a cross-platform design making it possible for install media for any
platform to be created on any other platform.
Platform-specific files are not included in this package; install the
"autoinstall-" packages to install support for .

此套件能夠建立自動安裝光碟,不用使用者輸入任何設定,還不錯用... :)

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