May 29, 2004

Connect to IMAP and POP3 with SSL

Becky's author say:

>Mon, 18 Nov 2002 17:55:
>Subject: support for ssl with pop3 / imap / smtp ?
>Posted By: carty
>Message: Hi,
>Yes, I know many users wishes for SSL support in Becky!.
>There is a good SSL library out there, so technically it would not be
>so hard to implement.
>However, SSL is based on some encryption algorisms of which some
>companies holds patents.
>Becky! is personally developed software after all. I don't really want
>to deal with any legal issues.
>So, SSL support for Becky! is still a pending issue. I don't know what
>I am going to do with that in future.

But we can use Stunnel to run Becky with SSL.

Download stunnel-4.05.exe to C:\Program Files\Stunnel\

Download llibssl32.dll and libeay32.dll to C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32

Edit a file named stunnel.conf, save it to C:\Program Files\Stunnel

client = yes

accept = localhost:50110
connect = your.pop3s.server.domain.or.ip:995

accept = localhost:50143
connect = your.imap.server.domain.or.ip:993

Starting C:\Program Files\Stunnel\stunnel-4.05.exe
Starting Becky and modify(Mailbox Setup):
(1)Account-->Server Settings-->IMAP or POP Server : localhost
(2)Miscs-->Port Numbers-->POP3/IMAP4 : 50110 and 50143

Enjoy it!

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