May 02, 2005

L4 的論文與發展、移植進展

在我之前的 blog [Hurd-L4 新進展] 提到 Hurd/L4 與 L4,而 L4 在德國 Dresden 大學正如火如荼的發展。前天在 mailing-list 收到來自 Alexander Boettcher 對於 Kaffe QtAWT 的 patch,我很快 check in CVS repository,並且順便問到 Qt on L4 的移植近況,沒想到立刻就收到回音:[problem using QtAWT with 1.1.5 (Gnu Linux/i686)] (忘記改標題),引述內容如下:

    Hi Jim,

    yes, it works on DROPS/L4 as native framework. I'm not familiar with the QT port in detail, but you can read it in [3] (in german). QT on DROPS requires the graphical console [4] or DOpE [5]. L4 Kaffe [6] uses the QT port to support GUI Java application. Currently, L4 Kaffe [6] is not available, but I am willing to merge it into

    In [1] you can find the links to our projects DROPS, the microkernel Fiasco, L4Env and L4Linux. In [2] all papers of us can be found.

    Alexander Boettcher.

很高興能跟世界一流的高手共事,希望很快就有完整的 Kaffe/L4 porting,這又再次證明:「Kaffe 是世界上移植平台最廣的 JavaVM/JIT」。

L4 rules!

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