May 23, 2005


OpenBSD 3.7 Release 的新聞最近在 Slashdot 吵得很紅,這個發展超過八年的計畫可是有其優越處,現在也甚至移植到 Sharp Zaurus 上了,請參考 [OpenBSD/zaurus]。這是以去年的 [OpenBSD/cats] 計畫的成果為基礎,儘管目前 device drivers 還不甚完整,但是許多基本的軟體建設都已經可以運作了,引述網頁資訊:

    Current status:

    As the port is still in its early stages, development is pretty hectic at the moment. The Zaurus boots multiuser, X11 runs, and device support is being constantly improved. Most PCMCIA/CF devices work (such as wireless/ethernet cards), as well as host USB, and the keyboard and touch screen are supported by X11. Audio is mostly working, and the machine is of course able to suspend much like a regular laptop.

[Supported hardware] 可以看見詳細的硬體支援項目,SL-C3000 的支援看來還不錯。

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