November 02, 2006

Microsoft WinCE 6 的 100% shared source

Embedded 的環境下若缺 source code,很多事情很難作,Microsoft WinCE 將 source code 分為兩部份,一者是可任意修改的 Public 部份,另一者則是需要簽署 "Shared Source Code Agreement" 的 Private 部份,之前 checko 寫了一份簡短筆記 [CE : about Shared Source Code ("PRIVATE" folder)] 可作參考。今天的 新聞指出 [Windows CE 6 arrives with 100% kernel source],看來做得更徹底,對開發者來說是項利多,有意思的是這段:
    The opening up of Windows CE's kernel source code is likely to make Windows CE more attractive as an alternative to Linux in many embedded applications and devices that require substantial customization of the OS, or where source code availability has been mandated by the development team. Additionally, Microsoft touts the terms of its BSD-like shared source license as being preferred by many device and equipment manufacturers that don't want to be compelled to make their OS customizations public and available to their competitors.
不過現在 "Shared Source License" 並未被 OSI 所認可。
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