December 25, 2007

新的 QNX 網路堆疊奠基於 NetBSD 實做

之前的 blog [QNX Neutrino 重裝上陣] 提到業界赫赫有名的 [QNX] 公司,開放存取其 [QNX Neutrino] microkernel RTOS 的原始程式碼,並透過新建立的 [Foundry27] 導入社群互動模式的發展,日前在 [Networking project] 宣佈以下重大訊息:
    The Networking project manages the development of protocols, protocol stacks and reference drivers that are part of the QNX® Neutrino® Realtime Operating System. The project includes a newly developed IP stack, associated utilities and applications. As compared to the currently shipping version of the stack (io-net), this stack (io-pkt) provides:
    • Close adherence to the NetBSD architecture / code base ( currently NetBSD 4.0)
      • Eases porting of newer stack releases / features
      • Similar driver model / API allows easy porting (using a porting library) of existing NetBSD drivers to io-pkt
    • 802.11 framework for full WiFi support
      • Adhoc
      • Infrastructure client
      • Infrastructure access point (where hardware allows)
    • Faster receive performance due to an optimized threading model
此舉成功整合日前甫釋出的 NetBSD 4.0,得以享用其 threading model 與高品質的 networking stack 實做,最重要的是,帶來豐富的 device driver 支援,擺脫以往 QNX 令人詬病的硬體支援不足問題。

過往,[QNX Neutrino] microkernel 採用 io-net 作為 networking stack,而現在引入以 NetBSD 4 為基礎的 io-pkt 後,前者就只做相容性的維護,具體的原始程式碼資訊可參考 wiki [Networking Source]。整體來說,QNX 拉近與 Free Software / Open Source software 開發的鴻溝 (如一直欠缺的 WiFi/802.11 stack),並能保持一貫優秀的效能表現,於技術,或於市場策略來說,都是很好的切入。
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