October 22, 2003

2003 - Debian 發光發亮的一年

Debian 甫獲 2003 年 Linux Journal 雜誌讀者票選為 2003 年最受歡迎的 Linux Distribution 。2003 年可以說是 Debian 發光發亮的一年....

除了獲得 Linux Journal 讀者票選為最受歡迎的 Linux Distribution 之外,其實這一年裡 Debian 還獲得來自於各地的肯定。 http://www.linuxforce.net 網站上還闢了一個名為 Why Debian/GNU Linux 單元,記載 Debian 2003 年的光榮事蹟,這邊就將以此篇文章為主軸來跟大家一起分享 Debian 再這一年裡的光輝時刻!

A Computing Platform to meet your needs: Debian GNU/Linux

Debian GNU/Linux 是一套 Linux distributions , 何謂 Linux distributions ?通常 Linux distributions 是以一個 Linux® kernel為基礎,然後附加上許許多多編譯好的函式庫 ( 如 libc ) 與軟體 ( 如一些常用的 command utilities : ls 、 tar 、 cp .. etc ,或更高階軟體如 KDE 、GNOME)集合而成的大套件,不同的 Linux distributions 會搭配不同的安裝程式與軟體管理機制 ( 如 rpm 、deb ) ,目前世界上較著名的 Linux distributions 有 Debian、RedHat 、Mandrade、SuSE、Slackware .. 等等。

Debian 總是能夠提供滿足我們需求的平台:

  • Debian has the most carefully thought out policy of any computing

  • Relatively straightforward configuration and upgradeability capability.

  • Source code availability to help us find bugs and customize features
    for your benefit.

  • Supported by a community that includes over 1000 developers.

  • Supported by a guiding vision in its Social Contract and Software
    that will ensure a dedicated army of committed people to keep
    Debian growing better and better on a sustainable basis.
  • The best bug tracking system of any Linux distribution to route out bugs
    and misfeatures.

  • The synergetic effect of these advantages is that our Debian-focused
    development is less expensive and more robust than if we based our software on
    other Linux distributions.

  • More advantages are discussed in the
    Advantages HOWTO

2003: A Banner Year for Debian in the News

2003 has been a banner year for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Debian
celebrated its tenth anniversary and won many awards, placed high in many
industry surveys, and was cited in case studies and white papers. Here is
a sampling of the most important news about Debian GNU/Linux from 2003:

  1. Debian GNU/Linux won the 2003 Linux Journal Reader's Choice Award for "favorite distribution".
  2. Debian GNU/Linux won the German
    Linux Enterprise magazine

    reader's choice award for "Best Enterprise Distribution"
  3. Debian GNU/Linux placed third in

    LinuxDevices.com's annual Embedded Linux Market Survey
    for most popular GNU/Linux distribution for embedded development.

  4. Netcraft rated Debian GNU/Linux as the second most popular distribution on Internet web sites and the most cosmopolitan
  5. The Ministerio paralas Administraciones Públicas ("Ministry for Public Administration") recommended the use of Debian as a free GNU/Linux distribution in its guidelines for standardization,
    and conservation
    of information.
  6. LinuxForce published a
    case study featuring our Remote Responder service for a Debian GNU/Linux
    ISP network.
  7. LinuxForce published a case
    study featuring our Remote Responder service in a Debian GNU/Linux web
    hosting environment.
  8. LinuxForce
    announced the development of a new, web-based educational application
    built under Debian GNU/Linux.
  9. HP published a white paper using Debian GNU/Linux to demonstrate href="http://devresource.hp.com/drc/technical_white_papers/wsopensrc.pdf">"leveraging
    open source for web services development".
  10. Colm
    MacCárthaigh and Colin Whittaker publish a Case-Study in
    Best Practice for Operating System Management featuring Debian

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October 14, 2003

給小螢幕專用的 Window Manager - Matchbox

Matchbox 是一套專門針對低解析度、資源有限裝置如 PDA 所設計的 X Window Manager 事實上這個 Project 所包含的軟體不單單只有一個 Window Manager , 而且還有一個 panel bar , 一個 desktop, 一些 shared utility library,以及數個 panel 上的小軟體...

Matchbox 的設計宗旨為小巧、快速、高彈性,所以它可以在只有 xlib 的環境底下執行,不倚靠任何的 widget toolkit.

您可以在編譯 Matchbox 時透過一些參數的調整來製作不同特色的 Matchbox 以適合您的目標平台.

Matchbox 遵循 FreeDesktop.org標準,所以可以很容易的與 GNOME2 , KDE3 做整合,另外一項比較重要的特色是 Matchbox 也支援最新的 X11 技術,像是 XRandR,Xft , Fontconfig .. 等等

當然 Matchbox 也是自由軟體的一員依照 GPL 的授權發行.



更多的 Screenshots

Matchbox 官方網站:http://handhelds.org/~mallum/matchbox/

Matthew Allum is a 27 year old freelance programmer living in London, England. He's been interested in Linux for a number of years and is currently focused on improving its suitability for personal/portable platforms. When he's not hunched over his laptop, Allum enjoys spending time with his fiance, Sidske, and his cat, Lazaru. He dreams of one day owning a circa-1960 Shelby Mustang.

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